All Things Wedding Cakes in 2023

Wedding cake trends for 2023 are expected to bring a mix of classic elegance and modern creativity. Here are some of the top wedding cake trends for 2023!

wedding cake trends in 2023

1. Metallic Accents

Metallic accents have been a popular trend in wedding décor for a few years, and in 2023 they are predicted to make their way to wedding cakes. Gold or silver leaf or ediblemetallicpaintcanbeusedtoaddatouchofglamour and sophistication to any cake design.

wedding cakes metallic accents trending
wedding cakes geometric designs

2. Geometric Designs

Geometric shapes have been a popular trend in wedding décor for a few years, and in 2023 they are expected to make their way to wedding cakes. Think hexagons, triangles, and squares incorporated into the design of the cake.

Geometric patterns can be created using fondant, icing, or even edible metallic accents.

3. Unique Textures

Wedding cakes in 2023 are expected to have more unique textures, such as ruffled, textured, or marbled buttercream.

This adds dimension and interest to the cake design and can be paired with different flavours and colours for a truly custom look.

wedding cakes Textured cakes new trend
wedding cakes trends for bright colours

4. Bright and Bold Colours

While traditional white wedding cakes will always be in style, 2023 is predicted to see an increase in bold and bright-coloured wedding cakes. Think deep blues, pinks, greens, and purples, which can be incorporated into the cake through the icing, fondant, or edible flowers.

5. Forever naked or semi naked

Naked or semi-naked cakes have been a popular wedding trend for a few years now and are expected to remain a popular choice in 2023. These cakes have minimal frosting, with just a thin layer to hold everything together.

This allows the natural beauty of the cake layers to shine through.

naked or semi naked wedding cake designs are on trend

6. Alternative Flavours

While classic vanilla and chocolate will always be popular flavours, 2023 is expected to see a rise in alternative and unique cake flavours. Think exotic flavours like passionfruit, lavender, or earl grey tea. These flavours can be paired with different frosting and filling options to create a truly custom cake.

5 top wedding cake trends in 2023

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